Booking Engine Intermediate

  • 1. Settings Section

    This video brings you through the settings section of the booking engine. Learn how to connect to your channel manager, mailchimp or change some template layouts plus many more options!

  • 2. Grouped Specials

    Grouped Specials is where you change your special offers! Learn how to manage this through this short video!

  • 3. Booking Preferences

    Discover how to set up your newsletter sign up, ask guest for more details like a cot in a room plus many more...

  • 4. Closeouts

    Learn how to use our closeout sections and be a pro on opening and closing inventory in a matter of clicks!

  • 5. Minimum Stays

    Minimum Stays allow you to maximise and yield your hotel's room revenue! Discover how our booking engine helps you with this important functionality.

  • 6. Enhancements

    Enhancements is your upsells/ add on's at the time of booking allowing you to increase your average booking value! Learn how to set them up / edit them in this session.

  • 7. Hidden Rateplans

    Hidden Rateplans or Promo Offers - these allow you to do closed offers to certain customers! This video takes you through how to set them up and make them available.

  • 8. Prepaid Rateplan

    Prepaid Rateplans allow you to take funds immediately at the time of booking. Learn how you can set them up using the Net Affinity Booking Engine in this session.

  • 9. Discounts

    Discounts are a good sales technique and allow you to give incentives to your customers. This video shows you how to set these up on your booking engine.