Content Management System (CMS)

  • 1. General Overview

    General Overview of the Net Affinity CMS to help you get familiar with the back end of our system

  • 2. Page Overview

    Learn all about the various sections and settings of a page in this class

  • 3. Creating a Page

    If you learn one thing today, make sure it's how to add a new page of content to your website!

  • 4. Managing Your Menus

    Menus play an important role in helping your customers navigate your website. Find out more about your main menu and footer menu in this short class.

  • 5. Managing Your Galleries

    Understand the different types of galleries and how to display them on your website to showcase the very best of your hotel

  • 6. Managing Data Sets

    How do you make sure your customers land quickly on the pages you want them to see? Data Sets!!! Learn all about creating, editing and managing datasets in order to effectively guide your customers through your website

  • 7. Best Practices for Websites

    This class will give you helpful tips and tricks to optimise the user experience

  • 8. Managing Files

    Learn how to upload and manage all your files, and most importantly how to add them to a page

  • 9. Managing Forms

    Forms are useful tools to collect information. Understand all there is to know about creating a form and adding it to a page

  • 10. Setting Your Page Live

    Learn all about the final steps to take before setting your page live on your website