Booking Engine Starter

  • 1. General Overview

    General Overview of the Net Affinity Booking Engine to help you get familiar with the back end of our system.

  • 2. Setting up Occupants

    All you need to know to manage your occupants in your booking engine!

  • 3. Setting up Room Types

    Get familiar on everything to do with room types on your booking engine including how to edit room types / add room types.

  • 4. Setting Up/Editing Rateplans

    One of the core features of the system! Become a pro on all things rateplan related.

  • 5. Loading / Amending Rates

    Learn how to load or amend rates on your booking engine! Know what is done in the booking engine versus your channel manager.

  • 6. Understanding Floating Rates

    Learn about floating rates and how you can use them for your property!

  • 7. Loading / Amending Availability

    Learn how to close out your hotel, reduce or add availability for sell. Everything you need to do to maximise your online sales!

  • 8. Rate Plan Images

    Know how to add or amend your rateplan images to ensure you are selling your offers to their best potential!

  • 9. Room Type Images

    Room Type Images are a great way of showcasing your property during the booking process. Learn how to ensure you have these loaded and available for your users to view!

  • 10. Understanding Hotel Info

    This class goes through the hotel info section of your booking engine and pulls out the key points to note.

  • 11. Accessing and Viewing Credit Cards

    Understand how the Net Affinity Booking Engine handles credit cards and how you go about accessing these cards when you need to!