Content Management System Courses


Want to confidently navigate your CMS and manage your website with ease? This course will give you the tools to make that happen, while making sure you know how to optimise your website for the best possible user experience!

10 classes 1 quiz 50 mins

Online Voucher System Courses

Online Voucher System

Learn everything there is to know about vouchers in just 30 minutes. You'll be creating & selling vouchers in no time!

7 classes 1 quiz 30 mins

Booking Engine Courses

Starter (Version 1)

By the time you finish this course level, your basic knowledge of the booking engine will be flawless. Your journey from beginner to winner will truly be in motion.

11 classes 1 quiz 60 mins

Intermediate (Version 1)

On to the next step, this course level will make you a master in key features and how to use them. Includes connecting to a channel manager, minimum stays, setting up enhancements and more.

9 classes 1 quiz 45 mins

Advanced (Version 1)

You’re in expert territory now. The final course level will teach you more about the booking engine’s advanced modules like vouchers, packages, business intelligence and more.

7 classes 1 quiz 45 mins


Amanda O'Reilly
Revenue & Reservations Manager, Killashee Hotel
Having just completed my booking engine certification, I know for sure that the Net Affinity Academy is a resource myself & my team will use again and again! Their online classroom comprises mainly of a series of super helpful videos which are highly engaging and very easy to watch.
Seán Reid
Seán Reid
General Manager, Langton House Hotel
I would highly recommend it!!! I went in knowing very little about how to use it as I have previously only had an interest in the reporting. The Academy has given me a clear understanding of the booking engine functionality as well as how to set it up for our needs!
Gemma Gordon
Gemma Gordon
Revenue Manager, Brandon House Hotel
I recently completed the Starter, Intermediate and Advanced Booking Engine courses on Net Affinity Academy. I found the 3 courses a great way of refreshing my memory on various aspects of the booking engine. The modules were concise and easy to follow and covered everything that I need to know to use the Booking Engine to the full extent of it’s capabilities.